30/yo with mic, 1997 season high i am a very flexible player


Trying to get out of these low ranks on PC. On Xbone I consistently hit platinum. I rarely play badly at any of the heroes I play and when I go on climbing streaks they usually end with 4-5 matches of teammates disconnecting/rage-quitting/trolling/throwing. I’m just looking for a group of people similar to myself. I play competitive because I like well played games. Just looking for a team of players that agree with that sentiment and are able to play more than one Hero.

Toons I play well:

Bnet: Shrael#1490


Hey, want to duo? I can Flex for tanks,supports, and sometimes DPS. BNet is St4rPlat1num#1546


I’m a Lucio main with tanks being secondary. I’m not great with dps/offense but I’m a team player.
I use in-game voice for comms.

My btag is speccarroo#1148 if you’re interested.