Are people actually paying to be carried to the lighthouse?


How much are people charging and are people actually paying it ?


Our vision is a safe and fun community that brings like-minded gamers together. Soliciting for services such as paid carries and account recoveries goes against this vision. Thus, soliciting any services for payment or donations is forbidden on It’s part of the Terms of Service all users agree to when signing up or using the site. This includes but not limited to charging payment for carrying a character or an account recovery, or announcing you are looking to pay someone for these types of services.

Free services such as free carries is absolutely encouraged.

Note: people have been scammed before as well.


Paid carries are dumb its just a game


Sadly people are paying for carries. I know people that would carry anybody for free. But the average price is around 15-20 bucks for a carry. It’s sad.


Yes it is sad as bungie designed the game for everyone to enjoy and help the less fortunate in all aspects


Yes but the strong pray on the week


Our Chief Strategist, @ManBearPig, has this to say about paid carries and services. This is an excerpt of a larger article he’s publishing on our official blog soon about why we built

When compelled to compete in a social space, things can get distorted. People using our website started to offer paid carries and account recoveries (which requires giving your password to an online stranger so they can actually play your character). Ads for paid services masquerading as LFG posts started to clog up our pages. In fact, in our recent survey of 500 gamers, 20% said advertising paid carries was their No.1 pain point when using an LFG site.

By the way, our point of view on paid carries is that the practice is a cancer to any multiplayer game - ruining experiences for other players and undermining gamer communities. We are 100% against offering services for money and will permanently ban anyone we see doing this on


And yes, we’ve been banning users!


Thank god they’ve been banning people, seen bots spamming ads for pay stuff and it was taken up space,I’ve been seeing non stop payed carries or even pre ordering raids like wtf…x’D who pre order raids???


Lol Shotty and Sammy Il have been posting the last 4 weeks… of course banning is taking place.


No one should be paying, that’s just stupid.
I have been carried 5! YES FIVE! TIMES! not once did I even think of paying for it. if you are that bad at the game, then accept the facts and move on. I remember being on twitch and some gamer talking about how he paid 20$ and they got as far as one match and that was it. YUP, he got screwed and nothing could be done about it.
spend some time on twitch, use trialsreport to ensure your teammates are around 2000 ELO, thus giving you a greater chance of reaching the glorious LIGHTHOUSE. listen and work with them and not as if it is crucibles and there are 3 other players in your team and you can respond shortly. SO MANY PLAYERS have this mind set and can’t play any other way. It’s not about out shooting your teammates! most importantly I guess, have fun, enjoy the experience and learn from your matches. good luck :wink:


In case you guys missed it, here is the full article describing why we are fighting paid services.


Yes people are actually being carried, 99% guaranteed and are paying about 15-20 with refund if no flawless


yeah I’ve heard differently with the guarantee and getting refunded… people AREN’T getting refunded and some are getting screwed over by some scammers. the old buyer beware applies here perfectly.


As I’ve said, soliciting services and accepting services is a bannable offense.
People DO get scammed or never refunded.


it is real dumb and stupid how people chared money just to take a carry isnt more easier go just make a stream and like say whoever needs a carry stay in the stream and have a list so when hour called you can get your turn and after they are done the streamier can move to the next one or if its late and they stopped why not start where they have left off or carry whoever is in the stream so they can get help


how about you people who need to be carried get some respect, stop lying about stats, like thats why most people charge to carry people now a days


This is something we do not tolerate as a gaming community and our goal is to make sure people can have a fun enjoyable experience playing great games with great new friends. this was a major issue on our previous site and we are putting in as much effort as possible to make sure this community stays clear of all paid services and scams. please never pay somebody random for an online service such as carrying or give out your info to strangers. This is a great community and we hope to keep it happy and safe for everyone here.


it doesn’t matter who lies about stats, they all can be confirmed on


Why should i keep wasting my time looking up stats because people are desperate for flawless