Bungie Rewards Destiny Veterans for Destiny 2



Bungie is rewarding Destiny 1 Players with Custom User Interface (Inventory) banners that they can set when they earned the specific banner. Images as follows:


Can’t wait those emblems look super sweet!


This looks awesome! I’m glad they’re squeezing a little more use out of all those banners.


It’s cool but still upset they’re console locked, I was really looking forward to playing on PC but the rewards won’t transfer over


Oh lol. You’d think with all this information stored server side they could pull that info by linking accounts. Oh well.


I can only imagine all publishers and studios want to share account info cross platform, but it’s gotta be the manufactures requirements (Sony, Microsoft, etc). Makes sense so they contain their audience to one platform. One can only dream. :slight_smile:


Very cool! This gives me a reason to go for rank 7 of the current triumph book. I feel like many members will not have this and I have about a month or two left before Destiny 2 to get this book 100% complete with about 62 nodes complete to get that rank 7. I have everything else in that for veteran rewards except that one so it is pretty much the trickiest to get!


Nice :sunglasses:


500 gimore short :confused:




Not entirely because some emblems in Destiny 1 transfer between Xbox and PlayStation through your bungie ID not console locked, I think it’s because they want to make PC entirely new in all aspects.


Sooooooo hype