Casual -> Serious



Hello everyone! I would just like to start out by saying that I am guilty of being a not-so-serious Overwatch player. I would like to take things up a notch, feel what it truly is to be a gamer of Overwatch. So in that case, I need help.

I am currently seeking roughly 3-5 people who would like to add me on Xbox One and play Overwatch. And I mean playing seriously, like shotcallers, DPS, and when to use ults and such. But please at least have a sense of humor.

I live in Eastern Standard Time, or EST. I would like for those interested to know that I am usually on every day between 1 and 3/4PM EST, and usually take a break at 5 and get back on at 6 to 8. I would love to make new friends, and I hope you understand my mission!

(Also, it’s preferred if you have a microphone. As they say, communication is key!)