Clan Recruitment - Active Rank 4 Clan



Clan Name – The Ball Droppers
System – PS4
Time Zone – EST

We Usually start playing at night(9PM) and Weekends. Now that we got these formalities out of the way.

Welcome Guardians, Captainxbravo45 here. My goal for the clan is to gather a group of people looking to have fun in a stress-free environment. We play most aspects of Destiny (Trials, Raids, Quests, Lore, etc) so our small, but growing group would love to help you out. We are currently a rank 4 clan and have a few raid completions under our belt. I cannot stress enough how understanding this clan is about scheduling. We all try our best to play together and encourage independent play as well. I’d like to play with all our potential members so if you are interested send me a message.

Interested Sent me a Message at PSN: CaptainxBravo45 or check out our clan page.