Clearing LFG/LFM Posts


Could this be something that could be implemented before launch? Its becoming a mild annoyance to get messages for raids I already ran and completed from posts that are a couple of days old and still showing up in peoples searches.


I agree. At least give us an option to delete the posts


Exactly. The reason I came to this LFG is because the other LFG…was confusing and had so many bad/old post to sort through. Now, this one looks a lot like the other one.


@Tsunayoshi Thanks for the feedback! We are still adjusting the timers on postings as we get through our initial launch. We’ll take this into account and hope to update things soon! -Mark


There is a trashcan icon below the post you create so you can delete it when you are done. A timer being implemented would be nice, even one that you can choose, but for now you can manually delete if needed.


i had a post of mine that doesn’t have the trashcan so i cant even delete my post and i have been able to delete post in the past


Ditto this. After 10 minutes, I’m locked out of doing anything to my post, which includes trashing it.


I agree with most of this, I preferred this .com over the .net for ease of use. Now it’s not easy anymore. I’m hanging in there, but please update soon.


Thanks for the feedback gang, listing timer updates are coming in the next day or two. We’ll have more details on our release to fix these early issues shorty! Thanks for hanging with us.