Climbing out of Silver



Hello Everybody! I’m a silver player trying to get out since day 1, but no luck so far. Looking for a full team of six with players that are open and non-toxic. I am a DPS/TANK main in NA. So if interested, feel free to contact and add me so we can climb out together!
Blizzard ID is Fluke#11429


interested sr 1908
add me Blizzard ID Zanetti#11167


Add me at DanDahMan#1400. I’ve literally had a bad genji or hanzo on my last 12 games. I’ve been struggling to stay between 1600-1700 all season. Whenever I get a team together I can climb several hundred points in a night. I’m a Pharah main but I can play nearly every hero confidently.


Hey, same here! I bombed my placement matches but I’m determined to rise above silver. I’m currently stuck around 1500. I main Tracer, Lucio, Winston, but I’m used to going a different role for the team. Battletag: MaxedOut11210