CoD WWII HQ inspired by Ogrimmar


Call of Duty wants more teamplay, we do too. Headquarters is the FOB where you can interact with other players, and there’s rewards for helping your fellow soldier. Is this the first step of a shift from lone wolf to wolfpack?

Full interview here:


I absolutely agree that it is, and a step in the right direction. Any game that focuses on creating an immersive space that combines a social and functional community, can only strengthen it’s gameplay, and your enjoyment of it’s multiplayer experience.

Despite the 401k requirement jokes when people listed on back in the day (now the Destiny game room on here), and I still laugh at, I believe a community space (HQ, LFG, etc) allows you to connect with other games and set expectations for what you want out of your multiplayer experience. Even stating a requirement of a 401k - while a joke - still sets an expectation for how a raid should go. Either you are a very serious player or someone who goofs around. And knowing that before joining a group let’s you know what you are getting in to.

If anything, this is the first step and entry point to actually connecting with some gamers, join a clan or even make new real-life friends digital and gasp non-digital. :slight_smile:

Plus… it’s just fun to dance around in a social space like an idiot every once in a while. :stuck_out_tongue: