Connecting accounts with multiple emails


Hello All,

I’ve been trying to connect my Xbox Live account and my PSN accounts with the new system, but it’s automatically using my email I setup for . I have used multiple emails for all my game accounts due to how long I’ve been playing. My Xbox Live is not the same email as my PSN for instance.

I was wondering if there is a way, or if there will be a way in the future for this to happen?



Hey @Traugdoor - That’s the beauty of You do not need to do this!

You’ve got one place for your game networks. When you go to edit your profile and connect your PSN and Xbox Live, you enter THOSE unique email addresses and passwords to authenticate, which are then are connected to your profile. And when you create listings, you choose which system you are playing to make a listing and it shows the correct PSN ID, Xbox gamertag, Steam ID, etc. Thus no need to have separate accounts!

This way you have 1 profile for all the games and networks you play on. We will have new ways for you to find other like-minded gamers and that’s part of the fun!

However, if you still wish to have separate emails this way, you can. To do that, click Sign Up and enter a unique username and unique email address. We do not allow the same email address to be used on different usernames.

Hope this helps!


Oh my mistake! I must’ve skipped a step for my XBL, cleared browser history and was able to login with a different email.



Glad to hear all is good!