Connecting PSN ID to Profile issues


During the first round of testing, I never had this issue. I have reset my psn password just to see if that was the issue but it appears that it still doesn’t work. I continue to get this error message whenever I attempt to sign in. I can see that others are able to sign in with no issues so this is kinda strange :confused: Any suggestions?


Hi All & @MJ_C6 - thanks for the feedback. We have been notified by other users of PSN authentication issues.

The short answer is the service has been going up and down periodically. We are investigating on how to improve but the solution is to try back at a later time. I know that isn’t ideal. But keep trying and eventually you should connect it successfully to your Profile. The good news is you only need to do this once unless you remove from your Profile.

Thanks for being patient!


Thanks much @beerock!


Thank you hope it gets fixed soon! :grin:


Also, I think there may be a problem if you have 2 step auth enabled for your PSN account maybe…?


Yes. Unfortunately our flow is missing that. We’ve been flogging our team for missing that. :wink:
It’s on our list of things to do.
If you have PSN 2-factor enabled, we kindly ask that you disable it, connect your account, and then turn it back on if you wish. You will not have to worry about it again unless your remove your PSN connection and try to add again before we have a fix.
And yes, I know it’s a royal pain, but appreciate your patience!


@MJ_C6 and @Kirito were you both able to connect?
If not, can you tell us if you have PSN 2-factor enabled?



I had the same problem but 1 hour after it failed, I tried again and it worked for some reason so I found that it doesn’t have to do with removing psn connection sometimes which is great


Hi All - we have fixed the PSN ID issue. Please try reconnecting again from your Profile edit page.



Thanks! Able to connect now :ok_hand: