Destiny 2 Beta hype help or hurt sales?


Who’s been on the Destiny 2 beta? What do you think of it? :confused:


I for one really liked it.

It definitely has a bigger feel to the environment which I love. That things are much BIGGER than us and helps create more immersion.

It’s gonna take some time I think for people to learn how to best use the new abilities, but was doing some cool stuff with our Titan’s and Lock’s shield and wells. For example we had the rally shield going + the empowered well. So instant reload plus increased dmg = balls to the wall DPS!

However, I did feel less “powerful” with the new change of the cooldowns, but that could also be because we have marginalized gear and weapons in the beta. And also a bit underpowered for the content we were doing.

Crucible is def feeling more tight which I like. It feel more like we are on a level playing field, and skill will shine through. I definitely liked the new bomb mode.

I’m still a fan of the PC version after trying it at the D2 Reveal in May. It’s crazy tight and detailed graphically.


I think it was a success, as bungie has said the beta was from a previous build of the game. They have supposedly looked into making the pve ammo economy more efficient, as the strike proved that boss fights were a slight grind without full use of heavy weapons. But just like all betas I believe that they are listening to the community and are preparing for its launch.


I think it was a nice demo to show us the potential the game has to offer us. I’m very excited for the PC beta, I want to see just how pretty everything looks :smile: