Destiny 2 Clan Level 6 Now Recruiting



A Group of friends Created our WTC Clan and carried it over to D2. With Bungie bringing Clan XP to D2 we decided to open up the ranks to allow PS4 Adult 18+ Gamers to Join our Clan to enjoy in the Clan XP Rewards that larger Clans get to receive. We will only be taking about 20 more members and we will be getting ready for the Hard Raid Next week, whatever else Bungie throws at us and then hopefully a Halloween event leading up to the Curse of Osiris and Clan XP Season 2. where we will certainly Hit each new Clan Level each week on day 1 or 2 just like we have since D2 launched. We have always primarily been a PVE Clan and everyone does their own thing, we welcome individuals and smaller Clans to join us. We do have some PVP players but it would be great to have more PVP players join us. If you are looking for Carries you may want to keep looking, if you are looking for a good group of PS4 Gamers to join up with then thats us. Message RISE_UP44 on PSN, @RiseUp44 on Twitter or reach out here. PSN is best. We also have a WTC Clan Discord we use for Chat, Giveaways, Events, to promote Content Creators and more. Join our WTC Clan if you are a PS4 Adult Destiny Player. Join here -