Destiny 2 Clan Recruiting


Greetings Elite Pro Raiders.
My name is Terra Thrust leader of the Lords of the Blood Oaths. This XBOX clan is for Professional Raiders. This Clans main focus is to dominate all PvE content especially the Raids. I have dedicated countless months to creating and maintaining this clan. I have created ways at which you will never have to LFG again. There are countless resources at your disposal when membership is granted in joining this clan. If you prove yourself i guarantee you will not regret joining this clan. The requirements are steep. First you must have the Valor in Darkness Emblem. Second, I have a requirement of 150+ Raid completions. Thirdly, you must have a Grimoire score of atleast 5100. Lastly, you must have completed All Moments of Triumphs from year 1-3. This is a huge commitment on my part as well as yours. As long as you respect me and your fellow clanmates as well as commit to the clan fully and maintain a professional mind set i would love to have you in the clan.