Destiny 2 Clan Recruitment [HYPE] [Xbox One]



Clan: Hype

We are forming Clan: Hype for Destiny 2 on XBOX One
It is a short name and fairly appealing from what most would say.
We tend to be a clan dedicated to the “Clan rewards” that were announced at E3.
Feel free to click the link and request to join.
We are looking for dedicated players that will be active once Destiny 2 launches.
We will be doing all activities and forming a solid family before the game launches so that come launch day, we will be prepared.

Destiny on Instagram

I’m totally down to Join!


Awesome feel free to request to join in the link above! We will have players on all weekend on Destiny 1 to meet some members but just remember this is preparing for Destiny 2 launch is what the clan will mostly be for.


Still looking for more members! We are filling up quick though but still only looking for quality members either way!


totally sounds cool add me please!


Go ahead and request to join and add me gtag: Hern









Taking a few more members at this time but getting close to full already.




We did some clean up so once again a few spots still open before beta launch!


[email protected]!


I’d love to but it depends on your average age. I’m an adult player looking for no one under the age of 17


I am 26 and most of the other active players are around that same age. Some members may be younger but we are a more mature group that is for sure.


I’ve requested to join.


Accepted! Welcome to the HYPE!


Few last spots remaining get in on the action we have tons of lobbies for the beta going right now!


i tried to set hype as my active clan but it keeps saying it needs to be approved?


Yup we got you in!
Bump, we have about 5 spots left in clan before we are full anyone can request to join and we will review your stats/profile and get back with you and get some games in if needed. thanks!