Destiny Beta


Just a discussion on thoughts and Ideas about how the Destiny 2 beta will be like. Personally after playing through the first mission at E3 and on PC I’m really excited about the beta and although I haven’t actually pre ordered a copy I’m looking forward to running through the beta as much as possible.


I preordered the PlayStation edition.
Can’t wait for the beta and took look for glitches (Which is the main point of the beta)
Have fun Kirito, even though he is probably better with a sword instead of a gun. Gun Gale Online kinda taught us that.


@mandogy One can only hope that there will be a sword to try out in the beta. :laughing:


@beerock and played a Strike which was a lot of fun. World was massive and felt a lot bigger. I’m excited really for the side missions. Hopefully a few of those will be in the beta. -Mark


I would expect they put a little bit of everything when it comes to the basic content like a story mission, some open world objective exploring and some crucible in there. This time around they’ve probably learned enough from destiny 1 that they just need to focus on balancing weapons and abilities and stuff like that.


Sorry to miss you Kirito! We were also there at E3 :slight_smile:

I think I’m most excited about Adventures and all the side missions. I spoke with the World lead designer at the D2 Reveal and he told me it took him 13 hours to do all the Adventures and only those activities. And that was for 1 zone!


Well at the very least they can now balance individual weapons @0VRNRD


Well at the very least they can now balance individual weapons @0VRNRD

For sure. It’d help with the post-release dominance of 1-2 weapons that happens to so many loot based games. I’d love to feel like there’s a huge variety of play styles to choose from at the very start.


Speaking of the Destiny 2 beta, I just came across this PVPlive article detailing beta times. Pretty excited for this.

Destiny 2 PS4 Beta Start Times
Pre-Order Early Access: 10:00am PST July 18
General Access: 10:00am PST July 21

Destiny 2 Xbox One Beta Start Times
Pre-Order Early Access: 10:00am PST July 19
General Access: 10:00am PST July 21


Count me in bois and grills


Same time as trials of the nine, can’t wait for July 18th. I want to do glitches in the tower with our powers


The real question is the beta level cap 8? At the time it seemed high but I hope it’s going to be at least 10?


It will be good, that’s what I think it’ll be like.


Did they say we’d get to visit the tower or new social space? Maybe I completely missed that?!


The first day of the open beta there will be one hour of the social space.


Last day before they extended beta.


I did manage to glitch to behind the Iron Banner Door in the Tower and I glitched to Ghaul’s platform :stuck_out_tongue:


I personally am really enjoying the beta! The strike is so well done, and I know for a fact that’s just a glimpse of the amazing story and strikes to come in the real game. Now, I’m a crucible afficiando, and I’ve played crucible a metric crap ton, and the crucible in the beta feels good, but it also feels slight I’m balanced weapon wise, and I don’t know how I feel about the 4v4 only. But that’s all subject to change. Anyways I hope all of you are enjoying the beta as much as I am!


The beta was great, I can’t wait for the full game!