Destiny LFG Posts


So whenever I’m looking for a someone/group who is picking people up I tend to notice that they’ll say "send message with LL and level. Ok, first off that’s just a waste of time asking for requesting that from people YOU are looking for to play. Second, you aren’t giving many people a chance because you’re asking for stupid requirements. I think that’s the downer to the LFG. People ask/require for something entirely dumb.


You do not have to follow their requirements in order to find a group. Not all groups have many requirements.


It’s the difference between an LFG and LFM post. I wouldn’t take it as an annoyance.

A leader will post a LFM post and let people message them. It’s the most efficient way to fill up a fireteam currently. It takes a TON of the burden off the leader to find a team. So instead of finding 1 person at a time, a lot of messages will be sent to the leader who is validating on their console. Thus why they ask for level, class, etc. and they will invite right then and there instead of looking back to However we are thinking of new ways to help make this a better process.


That’s true but some exceptions have to be made especially in heroic, sherpaing is great but is rather pointless if the person you are carrying can’t even damage the minions…having a weapon as a requirement now that’s something that bothered me a lot lol


Pro tip: use complete sentences in your comments. And look for others with complete sentences. Try it out and see the type of people you group up with. It can be night and day difference in the type of player. :slight_smile:

But hey! That’s one way to find and group with like-minded players. Different strokes for different folks.

And we aim to implement ways for everyone to find the best people who fit their personalities and playstyles to improve their multiplayer gaming experience!