Does anyone run normal raids anymore?


I have lots of experience. I made a new account and just hit 370, but there is like nobody doing normal raids to anymore >.> Anyone out there want to do a normal raid or have people who can help backpack someone lower light level who has experience? I would love to do a raid on this account but feel like heroic would just be too much until getting at least a LITTLE raid gear.

BTW I would join a clan just to be able to run normal raids for a little bit >.<


Join The Sqrub Lords we are cool and I will do raids <3


Not really, unless it’s for Flawless Raider/Quests.


Me and my friends do from time to time but most people do hard raids because normal raids don’t give them good gear.


Nope the sequel is on it’s way so soon that people who are playing still are pretty much only doing crucible and current high level raids because rewards won’t transfer to D2, unless for fun there isn’t a point.


I love normal raids. I’m 400 all characters and just play destiny for fun and social nowadays. Done a couple of normal wrath recently with new players and normal kingsfall will always be my favourite raid. Heroic is great when you want the challenge but to chill and raid with friends is awesome. So I’d do a normal raid anytime. PS4.


Join RNG RAIDS a group on we are recruiting just started it up


Yeah join me now my mate needs normal for touch of malice


Ps4 Riot-Rooni


Lfm for kings fall fresh


I’m down for raids - msg me if you’re making a fire team


well tbh its kinda sad that I’m 389 light but ive never done a raid before, I’m looking for people to do 370 worm with me lol


Hey Baker… yeah I love normal raids. Hit me up any time; I usually play around 11 pm EST Tue-Sat and any time Sun and Mon. I have a lot of hard mode experience but still like doing normal too.
Are on the 100? It’s a really good way to organize games and meet people like you.


There was never a point to anything. Games are just for fun anyway. Just wish there was a reason for people to run normal raids. Now I’m 396 so i dont even need normal raids anymore lol its a very small window in which they can be useful


I do wrath normal whenever I carry super low lights through raids.