Doing Free Virgin Carries around 1030-11 Eastern Time


Need 1 Sherpa to help with Virgin Carries.(Partner not around) Message for a Sherpa and Message me if you are Lighthouse Virgin. First Come First Serve.


I’m a virgin if you wanna carry me




Message on Psn Will be on Tonight


lighthouse virgin here, never done. GT - the Jummy


My gamertag is Strong_E9 on psn are you still doing carries also i have been playing since year one and am still a lighthouse virgin


My friends are trials virgins, and they’re looking for two generous yet serious people to aid them in going flawless in trials. It’s the one thing they’ve never been able to do in this game. Hopefully, they can achieve that before Destiny 2. I’d really appreciate it. They’re gamertags are as follows: The_Epic_Tinman, jethrojenkins, and tymillard2004.


Are they on Playstation? If anyone is on PSN message me on PS and i will help you get there this weekend