Down grade


The new site needs the ability to filter activities, it was in the old Destiny LFG and is needed.

also canceling a post needs to be brought back. I will not use this site till it is back I am tired of getting 30 messages after my team is already full 20 mins later because I am unable to remove my Post


Click the FIND menu. It’s in there.

You can delete (or cancel) your post within 10 minutes after listing it. You can do this by looking at your listing and clicking the trashcan icon. For some reason the Delete button isn’t showing up in LIST and we are going to fix asap.


Hey @Sick_N_Sane here are few fixes to the site this week:

Game Rooms

  1. Listings so they auto remove after 5 minutes (Destiny only)
  2. Add the refresh button for mobile devices
  3. Only show 20 listings per page

Check Release 0.9 Issues & Feedback List
for the full fix list breakdown.


Filtering activities through my own post is needed also…
When i post on LFG for lets say Nightfall, I also look at who else it posting I think the simplicity of the old website was 200 times better.

As for the trash can on my own post I have never seen it once. I am going to post again and look or it but I bet it is ridiculously small…

Yes small and unoticable several others have complained Id move it to the left and crank up the size at least triple.
overall as a game designer I hate this new site and have use Xboxs LFG more since the launch of this site. -200 Points in functionality +100 in design…

go back to keeping things simple like Destiny lfg 6 months ago before you broke even that, and by broke I mean the auto filter stoped working. dont know what i mean? well before if i listed for WOTM it would automatically filter what I posted for without requiring me to switch it myself…