This error needs fixed " getting an error while updating guardian" this happens all the time, then wont allow me to repost. Is there a fix for this.



that’s an easy one, for some reason it pertains to you Guardian you choose to post for the LFG, it happened to me the other day.


Sorry to hear this! Are you on Xbox or PSN?

First, go to your profile and make sure your gamertag or PSN ID are correct. Remove them and correct as you need.

If you are on Xbox, what can happen is someone is logged in to already on your device, and when you authenticate you connect that user to your profile. You can fix this by logging out of, then remove xbox from your profile and connect again.

If this isn’t the issue, let us know. The Bungie API could have been down as well which means we can’t retrieve your Guardians. We plan to put in a manual entry if that happens in the future.


Thanks for the reply

I have found that deleting the post then reposting fixes this issue. I will also do what you have suggested to see if this completely fixes it.

I am an xbox one user

Thanks again