FTW.in Release v0.9.3 Issues & Feedback List



FTW.in Release v0.9.3 Issues & Feedback List

Items Fixed

July 18, 2017, v0.9.3

###Game Rooms

  1. “Seamless feel” - All LFG Game Rooms have been updated so when you list, update, delete or perform another action, it feels “seamless and instantaneous” like our legacy LFGs, like an app should feel; we no longer refresh when certain actions happen


  1. Simplify, Simplify!
  • Update Log In links to go straight to Log In page; do not show overlay
  • Update Sign Up! links to go straight to Sign Up! page; do not show overlay
  • Remove the 15s marketing overlay for non-logged in users (for now)

July 14, 2017, v0.9.2.5

###Game Rooms

  1. Filter buttons - turned “off” by default now so more intuitive
  2. Filter buttons - saves your Network as a cookie so on page load or refresh, you will default to that

July 7, 2017, v0.9.2

Game Rooms

  1. 10 Min Warning bug - fixed! You will not longer see this.
  2. Delete My Listing - you can now delete your last, active listing from the LIST menu. We are now flogging Brock for not catching this.
  3. FIND menu - now auto opens on page load so even easier to sort by Activity, Region, etc.

Edit Profile

  1. Twitch permissions - greatly reduced the Twitch permissions requested when connecting your Twitch profile (all users recommended to remove and add Twitch)
  2. PSN ID - fixed a bug where users with multiple underscore or hyphens consecutively couldn’t add

Sign Up

  1. Verification - some users were getting an error after clicking the link in their verification email. This has been fixed.

July 5, 2017, v0.9.1


  1. Yahoo email delays are fixed - Yahoo no longer throttling our emails

Game Rooms

  1. Listings so they auto remove after 5 minutes (Destiny only)
  2. Add the refresh button for mobile devices
  3. Only show 20 listings per page

##Priority Items to be Fixed (week of July 24)

###Game Rooms

  1. Update Comments length from 500 to 140 characters only
  2. Listings module - updated design to feel more tight and easier to read
  • Fix readability
  • Fix priority of details in a listing
  • Fix the text wrapping for long comments
  • Fix the elements in posts are placed responsively instead of statically
  1. (July 22) Bugs still related to removing and updating guardians identified
  • Removing a listing resets user’s saved data back to prior listing
  • (Destiny only) Removing a listing causes a user’s known Guardians to disappear resulting in the Guardins Not Found message and forcing the user to reload the page
  • Updates to how the “List My …” button works within the 10 minute session timer, and when “Update My …” and “Remove Listing” buttons appear
  1. (July 22) Fix typo with “whould” in the Comments placeholder
  2. (July 23) Flagging issues
  • After flagging a listing, the page reloads. Fix so it doesn’t reload and feels more seamless.
  • After flagging, the user’s green highlight around their listing disappears
  1. (July 23) Filters fix - fix for anonymous users so the network saves to their device, and saved per game


  1. Email address - allow user to update their email address

###Home Page / Site

  1. (July 23) Fix so the Game thumbnails on the home page can be right clicked and opened in a new window
  2. (July 23) Fix so all links on the site can be opened in a new window

##Ongoing Feedback & Issues List

###Game Rooms

  1. (July 7) Consider adding Mixer to list of supported Social Networks to be displayed
  2. (July 10) Add ability to list myself not just for 1 activity, but a selection of activities
  3. (July 10) Add ability to filter for a group of activities with a checklist or keyword search (e.g. “Fresh raid”)
  4. (July 17) Destiny - Add “I’m up for any Raid/Activity” option

###Edit Profile

  1. PSN ID authentication: Sony does not have a public authorization method. We can only provide a claim method at this time.
  2. Ability to update username
  3. Profile image
  • Profile image not showing in Discussions
  • When going to edit my profile, it can show an error message rather than my image
  • (July 11) Option to pull down your Xbox Live, PSN, Steam, Battle.net, etc network image as your FTW.in Profile image
  1. Consider adding “many” Xbox, PSN, etc network accounts to 1 FTW.in profile
  2. (July 7) Consider adding Mixer as a social account


  1. (July 11) Log In overlay that appears after 15 secs can block users from clicking outside it to close it; and the close button is hard to find

##Ongoing Requested Games List
Note: Not ordered by priority

  1. League of Legends (LoL)
  2. Counter Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO)
  3. Rocket League
  4. DOTA 2
  5. Friday the 13th
  6. Heroes of the Storm
  7. Tekken 7
  8. Smite



Also - here is the newly design Listings Module we are going to implement to improve readability, cognitive load, and height on the page to let you find like-minded gamers much easier. The mobile listing is the bottom left and desktop/tablet is the top. Note: this shows every element a user could possibly see and doesn’t accurately reflect the real world (but could!).


We just made this update to help make the Sign Up and Log In process easier for all!

July 18, 2017


  1. Simplify, Simplify!
  • Update Log In links to go straight to Log In page; do not show overlay
  • Update Sign Up! links to go straight to Sign Up! page; do not show overlay
  • Remove the 15s marketing overlay for non-logged in users (for now)


im lovin it


Seeing posts that are 4 hours old. Both in the LFG and LFM category for Destiny. In fact I’ve seen posts between 1 and 4 hours old. Many of them.

Edit: These same posts are still up. Posts now are posted for Raid end bosses anywhere from 10 hours to 1 day. Doesn’t seem very useful tool as these should no longer be posted. Makes me doubt if I’m missing any or if the site is even working.


It is apparently working as intended however may not be the best way to do things. I’ve talked to them about a similar issue previously and here is their response:


Apologies. We turned off the 5 min setting the other day because the audience was rabidly playing the Beta and the page was almost barren (we checked competing sites and it was the same). To be blunt, we did this so the page didn’t feel “empty.” Now that the traffic is back, I’ll flip it back on.

…annnnnnd now it’s back to only showing last 5 mins of listings. :slight_smile:


Also to update… we are super super close to getting a ton of fixes beyond this list, plus the new design of the listings in place!

What’s holding us back is making sure that when we push the fixes, that all users get pushed the new code. This is called “cache busting.” We cannot ask users to “clear their cache.” We already have cache busting implemented but something is causing issues.

I’m very excited for this build to be pushed out. We’ve been working hard to improve the site and make it a better experience for you!


We added quite a few items that are going to be fixed in the next build and the details around them. This should help some user’s and their issues.