FTW is worse than LFG.com ? I beg to differ


SO yeah, seeing a lot of salt out there guys. Kind of early to be yelling at the creators of FTW only a few days after launch don’t you think? I personally have enjoyed the changes thus far and don’t have any complaints… I mean every game i will ever need FTW for is on this site and it incorporates all the social media i might want and then some. How so many people are being so vile on the discussion forums doesn’t surprise me because people don’t like change but honestly, give it a few weeks before you bash all the hard work of the team that made this for you…


Kind of early? They’ve been talking about this transition for months. They should’ve had the old features of LFG at a bare minimum before forcing the switch.


While it is a big change from the old LFG, keep in mind they had stated NEW changes were coming and also said some old features would be replaced with newer ones. I personally like this update far better than the old LFGs. Here we can search under one system for games instead of having different websites. Even if you don’t notice some of old changes to new, you can still run it as if it the old LFG system.


Absolutely. I have never jumped through so many hoops to get 0 (zero) replies to do the nightfall. the old site lfg.com was broke? no. it wasn’t. every time I logged in it was sooo simple to use. the format was self explanatory.

I may in time get to grips/know this site, but, in my opinion only, I’m sorry to say I think its a step back.

question though. could the lfg site still be running? after all I thought it was quick easy to use.

not a happy bunny.