FTW needs to fix it's major issue


I post an ad. Can’t find anyone, so i go to either delete it or edit it. FTW says i can’t edit it after 10 minutes despite it only being 5, and since i can’t find my old ad, i’m unable to delete it. With LFG, i was able to find my old ad and delete it so i could repost. This is a huge issue. Please fix.


Thanks for the feedback @Sulvan1. Yep! We are hot on the case of the 10 minute timer and the delete button.

I’ll be the first to apologize. It was a massive oversight on the delete button under the LIST menu. Honestly, it slipped through. No idea how or why! We hope to have that fix in by this weekend.

The 10 minute timer is a bug and will be squashed this weekend as well.

Our goal is to get FTW.in to be as snappy and seamless as destinylfg.com was. We are almost there!

You can follow all our issues and feedback in this list.

Thanks for being a valued member of FTW.in!