It seems like people have usernames different from their gamertag and it is hard to message people. Am I missing something here?


More than likely it’s you misspelling their names. On the forums it’s not the same name as the gamertag. But on lfg it always is.


@Ayepoc if you are trying to find a group to play with on xbox or playstation, please go to the looking for group portion of the site. It will always show you the gamer tag of the person who is trying to find a group. We set up the site so that people have to directly use their xbox or playstation accounts to set up lfg posts so there is a much smaller amount of scams and fake identities roaming around. Good luck finding a group guardian!


That’s correct. You have a Username and then you have your network names. In our Game Rooms or LFG pages - like - the names listed there are their gamertag or PSN ID. Clicking their avatar takes you to their Profile where you can see all of their networks. We have a lot of plans on how to make the Profile much more informative and then also make it more clear between the username vs gamertag.


Below is a screenshot of a listing (GT redacted to protect the innocent). You’ll notice in the bottom, left corner is a little chat bubble icon (for XBox users). Clicking that will launch a new browser window with a compose message screen on your XBox account messaging web page.

If you’re on PSN, you’re stuck doing the keyboard dance manually.


Thank you for the responses everyone. I do see that icon on about half of users at the moment @AerosolMeat. That is very useful.


We plan to get our Knowledge Base and FAQ going soon. This really is a good question and answer to have on there!