I just wanna say to the devs for that you’re garbage and so is this new site of yours. Should have kept to the original format. You’re all failures. Don’t break something that was fine before.


You’re speaking to the founder and original dev of right now. So how or what can we do to improve? I encourage you to check out our feedback and issues list. Release v0.9.3 Issues & Feedback List


While I agree with Unbound’s general negative view of the site, I’m not one to be so harsh with my words on it. Few things I’ve notice though that you might want to take a look at.

  1. Don’t know exactly how this is produced but after a post has been up for some time if you update the post then it will make a new one instead, leaving your old post still up (and unable to remove it too). At the time of this message I have a quite a few posts up on the destiny 2 beta page if you want to see what I mean.
  2. Sometimes when you update the post it will give an error ( in a white box at the top) and refresh the page. Updating again gives the same result. It’s easy to get around as we just need to take down our post and post again but players shouldn’t be having to find workarounds
  3. In the comments field for where you go to post it says ''What whould you like to do ?" . Not meaning to be harsh but cmon guys, things like this shouldn’t be making it through even if this is a beta.

Also while this isn’t an issue, I (and probably others) think it would be good if the ‘find’ menu that lets you filter results, is always open so you don’t have to switch between the ‘list’ menu and ‘find’ one. Or at least don’t have opening the ‘list’ menu replace it but instead appear above or below it. I say this as usually on lfg sites the filter is at the bottom (just above the posts) and if you want to post yourself then the option is above, which is a convenient setup.


Appreciate that.

We are looking in to a future build to help with this. Users basically have a “10 minute session” in finding a group. And then thought was you’d create a new listing. Of course, if the LFG page is very active, your listing will move down the page and you wouldn’t see them next to each other. FYI: our LFGs have always operated this way, but that doesn’t mean it’s correct. We now need to see how we can adjust.

This should not be happening after the fixes we implemented earlier this week. The page shouldn’t reload at all for any action, so I’m wondering exactly what is going on. And this is first we’ve heard of this error. Do you mind opening a help ticket by clicking Help in the footer and supply a screenshot, along with the device and browser you are using, and the steps to help us recreate the problem.

It could be a caching issue as well. Try clearing your cache and see if the issue persists.

Ugh. Yep! That slipped through. We’ll fix. Sorreee. (…yes, that typo is a joke)

Thanks for this feedback. We’d like to improve upon this experience as well and I’ll take this back to our product designer. Release v0.9.3 Issues & Feedback List

nice feedback. that will definitely help with the sites production