Give us the ability to


Give us the ability to delete our posts looking for groups or more. I got a message from a post that I put up hours ago, and I want to remove it. Once I find my requisite for what I want to do I should have the ability to remove my posting.




@hybredxero @Clowie We are aiming address this issue this week along with a few other things. More deets here:


The red little garbage can deletes your post.


Yeah not seeing one on my phone nor when I’m on my laptop. Unless you can provide a screenshot…


We added remove listing function under the LIST menu after you make a listing. If you don’t see it, try clearing your browser cache. If that doesn’t work, please create a help ticket and happy to help!


how does one create a ticket? I cleared the cache and nothing shows up when I reload my browser.


Use the Help link in the footer anywhere on the site.


does anything work on this site? click the help links, nothing happens. really getting tired of this.


right click, open in new tab, brings me right back to this discussion


Hi @hybredxero we use zendesk for our helpdesk. You’ll need to make sure javascript is enabled and the zendesk tracker is enabled if you are blocking trackers. Did you receive an email from one of our staff members?


yes, I did receive his email. I even switched over to IE. JavaScript is enabled, and I am not blocking trackers.


Do not use IE. Use latest Chrome, Safari or Firefox. JavaScript and cookies must be enabled. Do not use ad blockers.

If that doesn’t work, try in incognito or private mode in those browsers. If that works then that points to a browser cache issue which you can fix by clearing your cache.


I’ve cleared the cache, multiple times. I’ve tried on Firefox, Chrome, and even Microsoft Edge. Nothing is working.

I also take notice there is no way to deactivate or delete my account if I wanted to.


Hey @hybredxero - please send an email to [email protected] which will create a help ticket. Reference this discussion. We’ll get you sorted. But creating a help ticket will help us get our dev team involved to figure out best to help you. Thanks!