GM+ Player looking to help players get into higher tiers


Hello I have played OW since closed beta, I have been top 500 2 seasons, and I have been GM on every account I own for pc (5). I also have 3 fresh smurf accounts that I can use to play with anyone that wants to. Playing so much competitive at 4400+ gets tiring so I’m taking a break from top competitive and going to be a sherpa for all that need one.

My requirements:

  1. Have a mic
  2. 16 yrs+
  3. Have a role in mind before we que, like I will either pick a carry hero autolocking or i will wait and fill. You can just autolock.
  4. Have fun, this process can be difficult no matter the player or level because if its just two of us we have to compensate for the other 4 players but as long as the other players don’t troll it will be a piece of cake.

On another note I also own the game for xb1 and ps4 and can help out with players on those consoles too.

Contact Info:
Discord: Instantsmile#1395
Twitter: Smileinstantly
Bnet: Instantsmile#1553


Im in silver and have been stuck here for a while, around the 1840s - 1950s and just really want to get to gold, i can add you when i get on (i play pc, eu) and hopefully we can play together (:smile:


Hey @Instantsmile, this is a great post. I haven’t finished my placements yet this season, but I would love to play with you. My ultimate goal is to reach the same level as my son so we can play competitive together. He’s at low-mid gold while I’m at low silver.

I do have a mic and and I’m well over 16. Don’t really have a main, but I tend to play Soldier, Junkrat, Rein, Roadhog, D-Va, Torb and Lucio. Trying to add Zarya, Phara, Mercy and Mei into my repertoire as well.

Let me know if you have any questions.


Yo, currently stuck in gold wanna help me out?

Play mcree and mercy, but whenever I get close to plat get throwers or horizon lunar colony.

Add me Ferret#11192


Hey I was in play for two seasons but dropped into gold in season 5 looking to climb. As of right now I am winning and losing here and there


Heya just added you on discord.
Im diamond but could use some coaching to reach master hopefully before end of season 5.


was 2400 sr then solo queue took me to around 1900. I main as Ana and would love to have people to queue with. Battletag Yuromaru#2791


Sup man I’m currently at 1881 sr and my sh is 1933. I’m just trying to get help because each game I go into there’s always a leaver, thrower, or just poor communication. Just trying to have fun and rank up. I’ve got discord so no problems with communicating.


hey, i just got to gold and im looking to proceed to diamond though im finding it had to keep in a group with consistant mics and good team picks. if you could help that’d be awesome


Hey man, I would love some help, I was playing for a while then I quited, now i’m back and can’t really get out of gold, it’s been a downhill with sr. I flex all Champs exept tank. I would love your help!


Hey just added you on battlenet. I am trying to climb out of silver but also improve my own game. Any help would be amazing if you are still doing this …


Hey. I’m 2825 on PS4. I’ve been stuck in platinum since Season 1. My PSN is my username above. All that I want to do is just reach Platinum.


I would love to receive your coaching! I am looking to seriously improve at this game and willing to put in the effort. I mostly play Genji and Zarya but I would love to improve my tracer as well. I have a mic I am more than willing to use and am well over 16. North America. Bnet is AttilaTheFun#1645