I love the new website


keep up the fantastic work also keep making it better :slight_smile:


agreed! This is all fantastic work and I love the new layout of FTW.


Thank you @Mr_Andrew_HD @MrWuwu for the love! Means a lot to us that our users enjoy the new transition as we’re still in beta and working hard at it! More improvements to come!


Yes, love seeing these kind of posts. Definitely gives me relief from the haters that some how found a way to make my eyes bleed by looking at text


In my experience, most people who like the way things work will rarely spend the time to post it. More than likely they’re too busy playing the match they just found or getting use out of the site.

So gauge the number of haters in relation to the number of unique members using the site on a regular basis… :wink:


@sunfyre I guess some people still haven’t learned/read that it’s still in beta