I think the lfg died with the new website change



So, I’ve been refreshing the lfg every hour or so to see if anybody is on the Destiny lfg. I’m bored and been wanting to play with people, but there is never anybody lfging. Am I using this wring or did it just die?


Are you looking for something specific? There are 22 LFG posts for the last hour, 11 of those posted within the last 15 minutes.


There’s just not as much as there used to be. That’
s all I’m saying.


Ah yes, on that I agree. I thought you meant there were no posts showing up for you at all. With the previous LFG site you’d easily have 15 in a 5 minute window.




With the changes, some players may have moved to other sites to fill their fireteams. If you’re bored you could just pull up two tabs FTW and something like http://www.destinylfg.net/ to find things to do.


Destiny is down for maintenance from 11am-1pm Eastern. No one is playing, thus no listings.


And now that the maintenance is done and Destiny is back up, plenty of people are listing, traffic has gone back up to normal levels!