If you don't have a Destiny Beta code


well if you don’t want to pre-order Destiny 2 for the Beta code you can get it for Free by going on the Japanese Xbox.com - log in - type in Destiny 2 Beta - click on it - install - go to Xbox store put in destiny 2 Beta then install it and Enjoy :+1:


How very Cayde of you :wink:


Holy shit, I already have my code so I can’t test it. Does this actually work? If anybody could tell me that’d be great. I’d love to tell my friends that didn’t pre order D2 yet.


i have done it myself tell your friends about it - but the bad part is finding the website because it’s Japanese Xbox.com


lol. just don’t


I just had a friend do it. Omg, this is to good. :joy:


I recommend staying away from websites you don’t trust.


it’s actually Microsoft website but just in Japanese nothing will happen to your account when you log in


lol that’s too funny. but really everyone will get to play the beta, just a bit later for those that didn’t pre-order.