Implement a "classic view"


There’s a similar thread to this already, but I’m coming at this in a positive manner. All of us here probably support the progression of (destinylfg) and can see a ton of positives with the new site, but it appears in development one of the most important part of the lfg sites before was the speed and ease of use to quickly find people and get into a match. needs to immediately implement a “classic view” similar to the old destinylfg and other lfg sites which was a plain indexing, quick and easy. The reason destinylfg was so successful was that the game had no matchmaking system and DLFG was a very quick and easy alternative. I don’t know how this could be forgotten in development.

The new site is great in many ways with the integration, forums, additional features and etc., but not every site needs to turn into a social platform. In its current form, is no longer the superior alternative matchmaking platform.

PS - Did any gamers actually beta test this site? How could this even happen?