Is the prestige raid even worth it?



The hard raid has been out for less than 12 hours and I’ve completed it twice now. With the fact that the Arcius only get’s an ornament and the armor is just for looks, it depends who you are if it’s worth it or not. For people like me that like to collect every end game armor set like the flawless armor set and all raid sets, it’s worth putting in the work, but for the casual Destiny player that doesn’t care about looking their best and just wears the armor set they like then I would highly not recommend the prestige raid, without a good team you’ll be sitting in there all day at Callus and pools. Don’t think you’re bad either just because you can’t complete it. More than likely more than 50% of Destiny players will not complete the prestige raid.

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The best way to measure this is to look at the achievements in your console. I know Xbox shows the % of users who have earned that achievement. 50% is way too high imo. I also understand Guided Games does not work for Prestige mode, unless I’m wrong?

But to answer your question, I’m personally waiting to do the raid once I migrate to PC. But considering how the game doesn’t have the “loot grind” and you can still get the same power level outside of the raid, and raid weapons don’t have advantages over vanity, it’s hard to argue it’s worth it after the first completion.


At this point I’m almost sure the game itself isn’t worth playing lol. Day 1 D1 die hard player here and the game is a former shell of itself.


Bungie is amazing at listening and responding to their user base. They will fix this!