Konvict Gaming PUBG is now recruiting



We are Konvict Gaming! An international gaming community that supports a multitude of popular games including PUBG! We are approaching close to 100 active members for this game alone. The best part!? With members from all over the world you’ll likely find a DUO, TRIO, or SQUAD to play with 24/7!

How do you join? - *Get on our Teamspeak at TS.Konvictgaming.com and jump into the PUBG Applications Channel. A moderator should be in shortly to greet you! If a PUBG moderator is unavailable then locate any moderator within teamspeak (game logo icon next to their name) and message them with something like, “Hi, i’m a guest and here to play PUBG. Can you help me out?” *You can also visit our website and register an account.

You must be 16 years or older

Once registered you’ll have access to our PUBG application. Fill one out - it’s quick and easy and you’ll be on your way


Awesome, looks like the squads coming together!