Large Clan Recruiting - Xbox One


KSI LOST empire is looking for new members to join our brand new squad!
KSI is an organized gaming community, one of the oldest on Xbox Live.lost empire is a new group comprised of longtime members and new recruits alike. We are an all-around group that plays every aspect of Destiny with all levels of experience. Some members are day one players, and others are Taken Tots. Either way, we are happy to welcome anyone who would like to join!
Why is being part of a large clan beneficial?
KSI is able to offer stability, history, and variety. Whether you just want people to play the game with or are interested in learning more and becoming a leader, KSI is able to support it as well as learning lots of new skills, in game and out.
If you are interested in joining our squad, please do one of the following:

As we prepare for the release of destiny 2 in about a month we all ready have squads to go for the release