LF a variety of Partners for Free Trials of Osiris Light House Carries


Hello Destiny Trials Community,

I will be helping players on both Xbox One & PS4 go flawless in Trials of Osiris and make it to the lighthouse later today for atleast 4 to 6 hours. This will be completely free for the player or players that get carried no strings attached.

I am looking for several Destiny Sherpas on both Consoles that would like to help the Destiny Community Members reach the Light House by carrying with me. I would like several xbox one and ps4 Sherpas. Feel free to use this as your opportunity to promote your stream and or work on that sherpa card.

Please Add GT & PSN: Instantsmile if you are a Sherpa looking to help with carries. Please send me a message if you are a player wanting a lighthouse carry.

I will most likely start the carries around 1pm PST




Hey sorry to bother you, could you help me get this account flawless, it’s for my brother he has Autism Spectrum disorder and lost a family member recently. Thank-you for taking the time to do this not many would!


Never reached the lighthouse in yr 3, did it in yr one with carries from clan … Hope you can, thank you in advance …


Would love to get carried to the lighthouse, never been. I’m a decent PvPer but I suck at trials. I can listen and take direction. Shoot me a message if you want to run it with me!


Boogieboogieman Year 1 player, I’ve never been to the lighthouse and would love to go. I mainly play Warlock and Titan in crucible and am decent in pvp.


Going to be starting up free carries soon, stay tuned!


Mind helping me out this late after the post? I’m on ps4