LFG vs. Discussion


I saw some people complain that the sight is “clumsy” or “cluttered”, and I’m still trying to figure out how so. Has anyone actually given it a few tries instead of just once? While I have noticed that once you make a post and leave your post inactive, it seems to be removed. I think it’s slightly better and here’s why: 1. that “appreox.com” spam/pay-2-win is finally gone and I’m damn sure glad it’s gone, 2. It leaves the LFG “Find” section less cluttered. However, on the down side is that I did get use to having my LFG posts stay up until I removed it myself or closed my browser and seeing people type up their “LFG Find gamers” in Discussions is kind of stupid. Why need to do that if the LFG is just a click away? Just my my thoughts so far. People seem to be very salty about this change and sure it’s got some flaws, but no need to bag on it. I like this new layout and some people don’t seem to give it a chance.


Hey @MrWuwu thanks for your feedback. Regarding Appreox.com, fraud postings and spam like this group is the main reason for going to authentication. We’ve been battling Appreox.com for a while and you’d be shocked at how many listing this group hit us with. It’s in the 6 figure range. They have “bots” that adapt and automatically change their text and IP address so we had a really tough time blocking on the old site. When we contacted them to stop, they basically said they lost control of their business and had no way to stop their listing contractors from posting on our site. Total nightmare which is now solved with authentication. Now the paid carry spammers have to connect a unique gaming account so when we ban them, they’ll have to create a whole new gaming account on Xbox or Playstation to be able to join FTW and list again. We think this major pain for spammers drastically slows them down. Now we are picking them off as we see them or you guys are flagging them and bot postings are gone. With discussions, we wanted the foundation in place for you guys to share gaming moments, talk about your stream, shoot the shit about your favorite games, communicate with us and each other, recruit for your clan, etc. Discussions will evolve as we continue to build upon FTW. This is just the beginning!


I agree that LFG posts do not belong in the forum. That is what the LFG function is for.


Some people just don’t understand or just simply can’t read. Yet here they are complaining that the LFG is cluttered when they tend to clutter the forums with type down LFG posts…


Lfg doesn’t belong in the forum correct. As to why it’s clunky? Really do you use the horrible system? No pay to win post? You guys are really in the dark. I reported 3 posts yesterday that said in the comments “$15 carries”. Yeah that system work! Why must I lfg for trials and have to I choose Xbox logo every god damn time? And why must I see posts for raids and nightfalls? It was perfect before you chose what you wanted to post/look in and that’s all that was there. If I’m doing trials I don’t care who is looking for raid teams!