Looking for a clan?


Hey, what’s up everyone? Tired of LFG? Still not in a clan? It’s not too late! I’m here today to tell you about the Olympus Community, and why you should join up!
-Large community of active players with a wide skill base, sherpas and newcomers alike!
-Weekly events, such as Raid School, Crucible School, and our podcast, to name a few.
-We don’t just play Destiny! We also play Overwatch, and Paladins, to name a couple.
Sounds great, right? You probably have a couple questions though.
Q: Who all can join?
A: Everyone! We accept all people, regardless of skill level. Again, we have newcomers and sherpas alike.
Q: Why should I join a clan now?
A: Good question! While Destiny 1 doesnt have much reason to be in a clan, Destiny 2 has made clans more beneficial, in that there are clan rewards.
Q: Where do I sign up??
A: Join our discord server here discord.me/olympuscommunity and we’ll get you into our clan.
We look forward to meeting all of you, and growing together as a clan!