Looking for a good Clan


Year 1 Player, I am looking for a good clan to do runs, help others, what ever, please send me a chat so we can talk if you want to vet your recruits, I am not looking for young players, all else goes.


In Da Lightz Out Clan, we wish to assemble a family of friendly guardians,
who will fight together against all odds. If you’re the outgoing guardian
or the introverted (lone wolf) type of guardian,rest assured that DLOC
will become a symbol you will feel proud to wear on your emblems.
Raids, Nightfalls, Strikes, Trials, etc, you’ll find a partner in crime here.

Requirements: Must have a mic as communication is a huge part of success.
Be kind and respectful to others. Very minimal use of profanity. No potty mouths!!
Have patience with those who are new to the game. Help fellow clan members in need.

Our Clan: https://www.bungie.net/en/ClanV2?groupid=549338

A clan committed to helping you as you help us to become better. No tryouts!! No age / gender restrictions!!
Please join us in the fight to put Da Lightz Out on the enemy. No questions asked later!!!


If you’re an active Destiny 2 player and are looking for an active clan, I invite you to join the Spartan 1 Project. We are Level 6, currently have 70+ plus active members, run Crucible, Raid (Normal & Prestige) , NF and Trials every week.

Spartan 1 Project Clan


I appreciate to the offer but as I stated no young/children players, so thank you and have a nice day.


ContactTango, I am very interested, there seems to be quite some lag in being able to send you a friend request. Please feel free to reach out to me anytime. And thank you for your response.