Looking for a new active clan


I can’t seem to find the right balance with people. Already been through three clans. The first had loads of people so we were hitting our clan boosts easily, but there was no community. The second was large as well but of the few members that played, many were squeakers or really annoying. And the third is cool, but tiny and nobody plays anymore.

I’m not trying to be a dick, I just want to play destiny with a chilled out group of people around my age group. All three of my characters are between 304-305 and I’m down to play all parts of the game.


What console are you playing on.If your on ps4 you can join mine. It’s not too big yet as we are new. But we are levelling up quite quick. And will level up quicker with more people


If on XBL, look for TUFF clan. I think we already hit lvl 5. Good group but most have day jobs so end game grouping is usually late night (EST).


Hey DK

If you’re looking for a clan, I invite you to join the Spartan 1 Project. We currently have 60+ plus active members, run Crucible, Raid , NF and Trials every week. Whether your looking for new friends, a solid team or free weekly engrams, check us out.

Spartan 1 Project Clan