Looking for a regular team - Been cursed since day 1 with horrible players [PC]



Hey everyone, I am looking to assemble a good team on [PC] to play regularly. I’m a great team player and Just want to play with regulars and WIN. It’s been very difficult to play with Randoms as no one cares or plays as a unit (i am sure you all know this)

Let me know if you are interested and we can start building a competitive team!
Don’t consider my current SR as a benchmark.



Hello DOTCR! I am trying to pull together a team to climb out of silver, but since you didn’t mention your sr I don’t know if you will be able to play with us. Contact me if interested!




yeah dude, im silver but down to mid 700’s SR. im down to run with you and build a team. add me DOTCR#11559


add me DOTCR#11559




add me DOTCR#11559


If you are still looking for aditions to your team, i am interestet.
Currentliy at the 1500 SR mark. Playing exclusivly tank and support.


Add me at DanDahMan#1400. I’ve literally had a bad genji or hanzo on my last 12 games. I’ve been struggling to stay between 1600-1700 all season. Whenever I get a team together I can climb several hundred points in a night. I’m a Pharah main but I can play nearly every hero confidently.


I am also in silver and looking for regulars, I maybe 13 but ill be cooperative. Currently in silver looking to climb out. Contact me if interested.


Add me at Blarghalt#1354. I’m a pretty good reaper and D.Va, but I can easily flex.


Doctor. I believe I am in the same situation. And my SR is down to 700s as well. I am flexible on heroes, hours, and willing to put in hours with positive players. My battletag is Blue#11854. Test me out in some games and/or 1v1 to see if I’m a fit for your team. Thanks.


Hey guys i am in the same situation! Want to find a premade group and not play with random anymore cause it is very frustrating. I can play winston , tob , mercy and other dps . Please add thanks!!!


Add Maniac13#21323