Looking for comp team, gold-plat, [PC] [NA]


Just looking for a serious comp team
Please have mic and be mature
I’ve found that gold solo queue is hard to actually rank up with and I am looking for a good team that can help climb.
I currently play mercy a lot and at a very high level, but I have also picked up mcree and sombra which I play with confidence.

Add me at Ferret#11192

And also write a reply in this thread about current SR and your main.


I am in mid gold at 2307 I am a soldier main but also play zenyatta and winston a lot.


Current SR has sunk to around 1900. Was at 2400 then solo queue kept happening. I main as Ana.


Current sr:2500s. My go to is support, but i mainly play sombra as offense


Current SR is 2637. I main DPS but I can fill any role needed. BNET is Gowly#1696
Add me, i’ll join up.


Current SR 1960. Usually in 2200 dropped due to solo que. I main tanks like Rein and D.va. Can fill support or dps reaper or junkrat.



hey man you should add me on battle.net s3agulls0n#1260 ihave another person i que with we both play dps and other characters so please add me


Are Diamonds able to queue with golds? ¯_(ツ)_/¯


Hey there, DPS / tank main here
I can play dva winston or reinhardt and for my dps
I can play junkrat pharah genji tracer soldier hanzo or mcree.
My mains would have to be D.VA or Tracer/Soldier


i can reaper too.