Looking for Comp team to get high rating (Low Plat Rating - 2510) [PC]



Hiya :slight_smile: I’m Dortiridar or you can call me Dort haha I love playing Overwatch I would like to find a team in the Oceania region and get high rating. My rating at the moment is 2510 highest I have ever gotten is 2864 so I’m decent at the game haha. The Heroes I’m good with are Roadhog, Zen, Ana, Reinhardt, Reaper and Mercy. I can play others okay but not the best are Bastion, D.VA, Orisa and Lucio the rest of the Heroes not as good at them lol. If you want to ask any questions about what I’ve said or anything else you want to know please do add my battle.net Dortiridar#1376 or message on here. Also I will try my best to help other people with tips and advise as best I can. To sum this up I’m looking to join a team that are rating over 2500+ SR and wanting to get very high rating :slight_smile: probably best to start in the new season since this one ends in about a week lol. fyi I only want to join a team in Oceania servers well cause I want good connection of course lol. my battle.net thing is on Americas so if you’re not in the region i’m in don’t bother adding I don’t wanna play on 200+ ping all the time lol xD


add MrTibly #0006