Looking For Competitive Team [PC] [Bronze or Silver Ranking] [With Mic] [Ongoing Team]



plz hep meh


Yeah sure but just to warn you I’m silver


May i join?


what is your battle tag? and i dont mind if you are silver.


and what is your battle tag?


im a mercy main with mic 1519 sr can also go reaper


I can do competitive on Friday


1850 placement, stayed there for while and then it happened, the dreaded soloQ. Tanked to 1600 then it was a 5 dps cluster fuck, can’t get back outof the cess pool please help whitford4#2968


Able to join? 1181 SR 1236 season high


Im looking for a team that wants to push my season high this season is 2024 but hit a losing streak now some where in the 1800’s Im lucio main but can flex orissa, junk, reaper etc. I am tired of solo que so please add me awc2108#1630


I can join, my battletag is Fanosd#1208. I am at 1181 SR, and am tired of the lottery that is solo queue.


I can overwatch now if anyone’s there


Oh I almost forgot my battle tag is mountain-tim4751


Hey fanosd and medacus I can’t find your battle tag


What region?


What do you mean region


is it for US, AU, what?


Au Australia


Okay sweet.

I still got to get to 25.
But pretty decent at Mercy.


What’s your battle tag