Looking for other competent silvers to help get to gold PC



If you’re looking to get out of silver add me CheeZeRz#2950


are you Asia?


hey there, i am in bronze we can group up and play,
i am a genji main, and really good at it, i can play other heros too.
add me JEFFTHEPAPER$1871
discord - JEFFthePAPER#2277


Hey there, I’m 200+ hours on console, none of my friends from there are on PC. I’m an Ana main, as well as Hanzo, genji and Mei. More than able to flex.

Just wanting to climb the ladder and play with more competent teams.

Meaning, when I solo-qeue into a team that uses comms, we tend to win. More often this isn’t the case.

Willing to help NA servers around 6-10pm est?


hey i play on the NA servers but i can only play after 8 of august, plus i am also a genji main but i can flex, so yeah if u wanna play then add me on discord, battle.net or send me a message