Looking for people to farm incursions on the division


My gamer tag is damper70


Me too.Holla


still looking for a group to play and have fun with?

we are a relaxed, fun and helpful group looking for new members, we currently have 65 active players in TCTD so there will be always someone online, visit https://thedivisionclan.com/ to know a bit more about us

if you want to join access http://www.team-sf.com/join and fill the application form, me or some other recruitment staff member will get in touch to help you join our community (we know it can be a bit boring, but is just a way to know you better and facilitate your placement)

if you would like you can play with us and feel the ambient before joining just access http://www.team-sf.com/ts3.sf and where it says “click here for public access”, but remember that you’ll always need Team Speak Client and a microphone