Looking for team xbox one



been playing alot on my own, looking to play with people with actual communication and teamwork. if interested feel free to add me, gamer tag FNDhiggsbison



What heroes can you play


I’m looking for a good team to play with in competitive. As of this post I am Gold Division 2400. I play Junkrat, Genji, and Mercy real good. Would be willing to learn other heroes with the right team. Hit me up on Xbox.


I’ll join you. I main Soldier 76, Tracer, and Genji. I can also play other characters decently well. My gamer tag is TheMagicLocked.


I’m available


Gametag same as username


Gammer tag same as user also I can play any role


Im making the switch from PS4 to XB1 i was over 3000 SR on PS4 looking for a solid group.

I play Mercy, Zarya, Phara, Mcree and soldier but can really play just about anything. I communicate really well and understand the game.