Looking for teammates [PC][Bronze Competitive]



Hi, I’m looking for a group of friendlies to play competitive with and escape bronze, I’m currently stuck around 1300SR. I can’t use mic for personal reasons. Main McCree and Pharah and can flex, you mustn’t mind if we lose. Just looking for a fun game with no toxicity ^^

Add & msg if interested: LadyMcCree#2781


I am definitely interested. I’m also stuck in 1300. I have people who I play with, but no one I can rely on for a ‘team’. I flex as well, and i love to set people up for massive plays. I’ll get back to you on The Blizzard app, and we’ll see how it goes!


I’m also interested although I’m stuck at 1400 but I am looking for at team :wink:


Well, my blizzard is Cammander#1263, so talk to me when you can. :blush:


Also in bronze and looking for teamates, will add yall on blizzard


I’m actually in the gold ranking but I would love to help out! User: RadgegastFury #1321




hey Brrrrennan , can i send a invite to you in overwatch pc :D?


for sure, brrrrennan#1104


In gold but would love to help. Add me: Ferret#11192