Love, or hate it, it's what we have now


If you look at some of the top post on the forums a lot of them are people complaining about the new lfg changes. Some may not look at it the same way I do but with the forums and everything is getting gamers connected in a great way. There may be some bugs and that may be a big issue, but personally I haven’t found any. The lfg isn’t any harder to use, it’s just different. Also even though the forums aren’t the most active forums in the world, it brings the lfg communities from many games together in one place.


Thanks for your note @The_God . We are actively fine tuning things based on what we’ve heard. Our discussions area is new and will take some time to gain traction but we think it’s off to a great start. Discussions will also continue to evolve as we further build out the platform. For a full look at our issues list I’ve linked it below. In coming weeks we’ll also post our roadmap so you all have visibility on future features and releases! Release 0.9 Issues & Feedback List