Master player willing to help lower players


What’s up, I currently have two accounts in master this season. One acc 3x masters (last 3 seasons with a peak of 3900sr) looking to help lower players for fun

I don’t have an account that low so if you would like help, need to provide me an account to play on and I will duo with you and give you tips along the way

Message me if interested


Hey whats your lowest account at? im plat


Hey everyone,

We are happy to see all this activity in our Overwatch discussions page and are equally encouraged to see higher skilled players offering help to us mere mortals.

However, I would like to remind everyone about Blizzard’s policies on account sharing:

TL;DR Account sharing is not allowed.

Thank you, @Boops for offering to help. Perhaps you could instead review VODs or group up to spectate and provide real time coaching?

To everyone, let’s keep rocking and help make Overwatch a kinder, gentler community.