More Games in the 'My Games' Section


I have found a significant lacking in the amount of games in the ‘My Games’ section of profile editing, especially for Steam games seeing as there are so many. I think it would be useful to use this thread to recommend games to be added to the section.


For example, Counter Strike: Global Offensive, Player Unknowns’ Battlegrounds, H1Z1, etc.
It may even be fun to add Minecraft in and get an FTW Minecraft server running.


I agree there are some games i would like to recommend being on here, such as rockband 4 I play a decent amount of rockband on consoles and with the implementation of crews ad more competitive play I could see it possibly being added. @Drakonya


@Drakonya We’ve talked a LOT about supporting Minecraft. Now with it being completely cross platform (mobile, xbox, etc) having a Minecraft FTW serve would be really cool. We’ve got a lot in the hopper right now with Destiny 2 rapidly approaching amongst other stuff but this is a really good idea we’ll definitely consider! Keep them coming! -Mark


@Drakonya and @Kirito love the suggestions!

Currently for every LFG Game Room we support will show up in the My Games section. However we understand that doesn’t define you as gamers! And the more games you can show you play, the more you can find like-minded gamers. That’s the intent.

In fact, with our new system, we can pump out Game Rooms for you to find and group-up very quickly. Basically 1 hour of effort versus 5 days!!! We are extremely excited. However we need to eliminate some bugs and improve on some functionality right now before we add more.

But love hearing about games you’d like us to support. As you know: we also gamers and we’ve built for gamers by gamers. I didn’t even realize Guitar Hero!!! :guitar: